Discover Your History

Discover Your History

‍The Metcalfe County Public Library has a variety of resources available for genealogy research. In additional to our local collections, we also offer the following databases:

Click here to go to ancestry library edition.
Ancestry (Library Edition)

Available on library computers.

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Community History Archives

Edmonton Herald News (1953-1986)
Herald News (1986-2000)
Metcalfe County News (1981-1981)

The Community History Archives are user friendly, and easy to learn. Patrons can browse, search, view, clip and share articles, headlines, pages, and stories recorded in the pages of the community newspaper. Just type a search and hit “enter” or browse to a specific year, month, day or page in any (or all) publications contained in the archive.


Various years of Edmonton High School & Metcalfe County High School are available in the library and online by using the links below:

Edmonton High School YearbooksMetcalfe County High School Yearbooks
Family History & Metcalfe County History

Available on-site:
• Family histories
• Cemetery records
• County histories
• Beginning genealogy books
• Birth, death, and marriage records

Genealogy Request

The Metcalfe County Public Library is able to assist you with genealogy research. Simply fill out the form below with your research request, and we will get back to you with what information we are able to find.

Genealogy Request Form

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By promoting literacy, providing access and building community, we celebrate our freedom to learn without censorship.

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